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Chris, 1st voted out of Survivor: Morocco
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date January 24th, 2013
Written by KidA
Directed by KidA
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Unknown Sent to the Slaughter

In the premiere of KidA’s Survivor: Series, the challenge involved having the Tengaged public post on blogs using a very strict format. The number of necessary comments was quickly lowered to 10, due to an unexpected high level of difficulty. Also, it was determined that the number of points would act as a tiebreaker.

Both tribes had a slow start, but Fes quickly picked up a large number of points, while Marrakech was “negged”. This offered Fes an early lead. However, Marrakech began to rack up a few correct comments, passing Fes.  Finally, Fes surged with a rallying of comments and made their way to 6 points.

After twenty-four hours, the result was 6 to 3, with Fes winning. Overall, the challenge was extremely difficult and not well received.

        Jordan: We've all mailed about 20 people...and only one person has posted...and the formatting wasn’t even right...this suxx.

Back at the Fes camp, Jordan searched for the idol but had no luck. Also, a majority alliance was formed almost instantly between Jordan, Jette, Pamela, Nessarose, and Matthew.

        Jette: This is awesome. I have an alliance of 5 and I know where the crack in it is. I'm the swing vote in that alliance (not yet but when we are down to five). I really think that I can, will and am in control. My alliance is Pamela, Nessa, Jordan, Oat and I :)

        Jordan: Well over at Fes there's already a majority alliance's me, Jette, Glinda, Matthew, and allegiance is first to Matthew, then to Jette then to the other two...glad I'm a part of it xo.

The “Fes Five” alliance leaves Isiah, Colton, and Anthony on the outside of the tribe. Also, with Jordan’s allegiance going to Matthew and Jette, are Pamela and Nessarose in danger?

At the Marrakech camp, activity in the tribe seemed to be the most important aspect, as votes were sent to Chris and Jason, the two major inactive players. Also, trying to gain an edge, Ethan searched for the idol but came up empty handed.

At tribal council, the Marrakech members gave simple answers and tried not to raise any drama. It seemed clear that Marrakech wanted to win, and certain players were not helping them do it.

Voter Vote
Matt Chris
Jon Chris
Ethan Jason
David Connor
Connor Jason
Missy Jason
Jason Chris
Chris Self-Vote

By a 4-3-1 vote, Chris becomes the 1st person voted out of Survivor: Morocco. His self-vote was ultimately the vote that sent him home over Jason.

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