The Viper Idol
Survivor Gameplay
Description A Hidden Immunity Idol which allows players to "poison" opponents with votes at the following two tribal councils.
Appearance(s) India

The Viper Idol was a major twist featured in Survivor: India . This is it's only appearance in KidA's Survivor: Series so far.  


The Viper Idol holds all the same properties as a regular Hidden Immunity Idol, in that it reflects any votes for a player when it is used. However, once the Viper Idol has been played, and someone is voted out of the game, the player of the Viper Idol selects a different player to receive votes at the next tribal council he/she attends, essentially "poisoning" them. These votes (dubbed "Viper Votes") run out after two tribal councils, and do not go past the final five tribal council under any circumstances. 


The Viper Idol's poisoning ability is only valid if a vote is cast against the player, however, a self-vote does not count. This means that somebody has to vote against the player of the Viper Idol in order for the twist to be effective. 

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