Sent to the Slaughter
Jason, 2nd person voted off Survivor: Morocco
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date January 27th, 2013
Written by KidA
Directed by KidA
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The second challenge was a simple game of Rock/Paper/Scissors, in which the first tribe to 3 points won immunity.

The first match-up was David for Marrakech and Matthew for Fes. Matthew won, earning a point for Fes.

The next match up was between Jordan and Connor. After tying twice, Jordan came out victorious, winning a second point for Fes.

For the final match-up, Anthony and Jon fought it out. In the end, Anthony won, winning the final point for Fes, and sending Marrakech to tribal council.

Back at the Fes camp, Jordan explained her happiness with the challenge’s results.

        Jordan: omg!! We won again<333 if the merge is at 10...all we need to do is win one more challenge and the Fes Five will make the merge<333 (given that we all vote together).

The alliance was still strong, and still unknown to Anthony, Colton, and Isiah.

At the Marrakech camp, David felt worried due to his lack of allies, and Missy felt worried due to the tribe she was on.

        David: So far I have no current alliances. And due to losing us our first point a target could be on my back. So I know I have to watch out.

        Missy: I am screwed, things are gonna end for me! Why? Because I am stuck on a tribe of complete idiots! I have a high intellect in stuff like this and they are gonna vote out their only chance of winning!

        At tribal, Missy expressed her feelings that she would surely be the one voted out due to her gender. Connor explained how he still had hope in the tribe, and Ethan expressed his concern that he could be the one going.

Voter Vote
Matt Jason
Jon Matt
Ethan Jason
David Connor
Connor Jason
Missy Jason
Jason Self-Vote

While voting, some interesting confessionals were given.

        Missy: Jason. You got the most votes, and I need to save myself from elimination so you are getting SENT to the slaughter.

        Ethan: Jason. I'm lying low right now. Under the radar.

In the end, Jason became the 2nd person voted out of Survivor: Morocco, and went home by a 5-1-1 vote. His inactivity was his ultimate demise, and with him gone, the Marrakech tribe was stronger.