Welcome to the HALL OF FAME. This is where the we keep the results for several ongoing survivor categories, updates as each season goes on. Please enjoy, and feel free to edit with accurate information!

Total Days PlayedEdit

# Player Days Seasons
1 Ethan 60 Morocco, All-Stars
Oliver Greece, All-Stars
Sean S. India, Tuvalu
2 Cole 56 Greece, All-Stars
3 Sean 54 Wild West, All-Stars
4 Jake 52 Wild West, All-Stars
5 Jordan 46 Morocco, All-Stars
6 Bryce 44 Canada, Tuvalu

Individual Immunites Won in One SeasonEdit

# Player Season Immunity Wins
1 Game Spain 6
2 Ethan Morocco 5
John Canada
3 Sean Wild West 4
Dakota Tuvalu
Jacob India
Oliver Greece

Tribal Immunities Won in One SeasonEdit

# Tribe Season Wins
1 Yukon Canada 6
2 Cerbat Wild West 5
3 Tierra Spain 4
4 Fes Morocco 3
La Paz Wild West
Marrakech Morocco

Votes Against in One SeasonEdit

# Player Season Votes
1 Jake All-Stars 19
2 Jordan All-Stars 15
3 Jette Morocco 13
Jake Wild West 13
4 Missy Morocco 12
Sam X.  Spain
5 Alex Wild West 11
6 Desmond Canada 10
Sammy Wild West
RJ Wild West

Tribal Councils Attended in One SeasonEdit

# Player Season Tribals
1 Alex Wild West 13
Desmond Canada
2 Justin Wild West 12
3 Ethan Morocco 11
Jacob India
Nessarose Morocco
Ty India

Zero Votes Against In a Season Edit

Player Season
John Canada
Game Spain

Note: Quits, Medical Evacuations, and Purple Rock Tiebreakers do not count as having received zero votes against.