Nathan celebrates his Survivor: Tuvalu win.

Nathan was a contestant and Sole Survivor of Survivor: Tuvalu. Some said he even played a near perfect game. He was so good that he didnt even have to vote at tribals and the person he targetted would go home. Nathan organized the blindsides of: Porsche, Sean, Dakota, and Bryce. At the final seven which consisted of: Nathan, Amanda, Jake, AJ, Michael, Avery, and Renny, AJ flipped and hoped to get Nathan out. At tribal Nathan shocked everyone when he played three hidden immunity idols. He played one on; Himself, Amanda, and Jake. They all voted for Avery who went home. At final four Nathan was able to convince Jake to turn on his friend AJ. Nathan however was lying and Jake was blidnsided 2-1-1. At the final three, Nathan won final immunity and voted off AJ. At final tribal council, the jurors held no hard feelings towards Nathan and praised his incredible gameplay. He won by a unanimous vote of 7-0

Post TuvaluEdit

Nathan was hailed as one of the greatest players to ever play in KidA's series. He won fan favorite AND player of the season. KidA gave nathan and very in depth interview which later became a top blog.

Hall Of FameEdit

Shortly after Tuvalu, Nathan was inducted into KidA's survivor Hell Of Fame. Many saw the choice to induct Nathan as a very good one. He currently ranks as KidA's favorite player to ever play in his series.


The crows celebrates Nathans induction into the Hall Of Fame

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