Lost Trust
Season 2, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date March 17th, 2013
Written by KidA
Directed by KidA
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Exposed Gamebot

The immunity challenge was done in two parts. For the first part, a scrambled sentence was posted, and the castaways had to work to unscramble the letters and send me the correct response. Leo and Desmond sent in their responses first, and moved onto the next phase.

In the second phase, the castaways were suspended over water by three ropes. They were then asked trivia questions about KidA’s Survivor: Canada. For each question they got right, they would chop a rope of their opponents. In the end, Desmond claimed immunity.

Leo: I have lost trust in John. He has deceived me and everyone in this game. He was protecting Sheena by playing the idol for her, so that means he trusts Sheena more than me. I want the final three to be me, Noah, and John because I believe he will take me to the end over Noah. But I need to protect Noah and that may be a challenge. Heres my plan.

Win immunity and vote out Sheena with Noah and Desmond, and John if he is smart. I will play the hidden immunity idol (which I believe to be fake) on Noah just to be safe. John will play his idol, and Noah will be voted out. If John denies the fakeness of my idol I will tell Desmond that his is fake too. He even told me that he was keeping me around just so he can win. He is Russell Hantz. He is not going to win Survivor Canada. I guarantee it.

Desmond: That was a big win and I plan on winning out. Hopefully it will work out that way and I can make F3. I don’t really wanna take John, but I don’t wanna take inactive like a bitch. It is a tough decision.

Desmond: So Leo thinks I have an idol, and wants me to give it to him teheh. So I give him my "idol".

Leo: My vote is for Sheena, and I want to play my fake idol please.

In the end, Desmond and John voted together to take out a common enemy, Leo; and John played his real idol, while Leo played his fake idol.


Voters Votes
Sheena Self-Vote
Noah Self-Vote
Desmond Leo
John Leo
Leo Sheena

The vote tied, leaving only John and Desmond to re-vote.

Voters Votes
John Leo
Desmond Leo

In a 2-2-1 / 2-2 vote, Leo was sent home, just missing the finale.