Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date March 12th, 2013
Written by KidA
Directed by KidA
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Fiddles Lost Trust

In the final 6 immunity challenge, the remaining 6 players had to spam to get votes in a poll. The castaway with the highest percentage would have immunity.

The three front runners of the competition seemed to be Sheena, John, and Desmond, while Gustavo hung in the middle, and Leo and Noah got little support.

By the end of the challenge, John had taken a huge lead, and ended up with 51% of the poll in his favor. He was awarded immunity once again, leaving the rest of the tribe in danger of being voted out.


After doing basically nothing and riding John’s coattails the entire game, John has told me that he is taking me to the end with him because he feels he can win, and I disagree. But if he had kept his mouth shut and actually didn’t tell me he wanted to keep me because I did nothing, then he’s got another thing coming. I will be Natalie and he will be Russell. I will smash him at final tribal council if he gets there. I will expose him for what he is. A Jerk.

I am trying to keep him to keep Noah around and vote out Gustavo. Let's face it Gustavo will win the game. I can't beat him. Plus, I can beat Noah at final tribal. I will take me John and Noah to final tribal. I will win the final challenge and take Noah with me to final tribal. Or I will lose and go to end regardless.


Well here we go again. Another vote where my ass is on the line. I hope that I don’t get voted off, but you never know who you can trust. I hope things go my way but we shall see.

I vote for Gustavo.

Also, before tribal council, Desmond decided to give back John his idol, which was actually fake. John gave an idol to Sheena who played it. Seeing Gustavo as a threat John organized a vote against Gustavo making Gustavo the 4th jury member.

Voter Votes
Sheena Gustavo
Noah Gustavo
Desmond Gustavo
John Gustavo
Gustavo Sheena
Leo Gustavo

By a vote of 5-1(IDOL), Gustavo was voted out of the tribe.

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